HOL Consulting Services operates under a grant by IEDSE (Institute for Excellence in Distance Science Education) funded by their corporate sponsors to create our current workforce development initiative.

IEDSE is a 501c3, tax-exempt, non-profit science education foundation with a mission to promote science literacy in conjunction with today’s distance education delivery methods. IEDSE serves distance education students by training and assisting teachers in best practices and proven methods of effectively teaching laboratory science courses online. IEDSE creates and provides comprehensive Professional Development Programs and supportive resources for secondary and post-secondary science educators.

IEDSE, through its corporate sponsors, identified a potential solution for today’s STEM challenge that could generate new revenue streams for institutes of higher learning while solving many of the educational needs of corporate America. Business moves at the speed of industry while education moves at the speed of academia thus the communication breakdown.

IEDSE has engaged HOL Consulting Services to facilitate a partnership between corporate America and academia to bridge the gap. These tailored educational solutions better prepare both current employees and next generation candidates within the STEM market space.

IEDSE chose HOL Consulting because we are leading the development of educational solutions leveraging today’s technology to fulfill the requirements students’ desire while still working full time. Since corporate America is in need of a solution that will fulfill the requirement to upgrade the credentials of their existing workforce without a loss of productivity, and academia has the curriculum to offer a tailored online science program, the alliance is a perfect fit.

A combination of distance learning and leveraging mobile connectivity appears to be the obvious front running solution. Employees can execute much of the knowledge transfer while commuting, during the lunch hour, and after work on hand-held mobile devices.

Online education provides an economical platform to access today’s technology and resolves many of the historical accreditation concerns. Utilizing a consulting firm like HOL provides the insight into best-in-class practices that enables a deep, rich learning solution that is affordable and secure.

IEDSE is now seeking more technology leading corporations to join in these efforts. HOL will provide the leadership in developing needs analysis to define gaps in the current curriculum provided by the schools and better determine the needs of corporate partner.