student in libraryHOL Consulting Services was developed with a simple idea and mission in mind. We believe that through an integrated solution, we can marry private industry with institutions to bring value to all stakeholders. In today’s economy, institutions of higher learning face a perfect storm of economic chaos. Tuitions are rising and funding is decreasing, driving down student enrollments. Companies, on the other hand, need to (re)train and offer a career pathway to their existing employees, and they need to build a pipeline of future employees. Our goal is simple: bring private business in alignment with education to coordinate a parallel development plan, address the STEM challenge, and put America back in the driver’s seat as a world leader in this arena. According to a recent report published by Bain & Company, the current economic headwinds mean one-third of our nation’s institutions of higher learning may cease to exist in the near future. Survival and economic stability is dependent on a new mindset.

A review of the challenges facing academia and private industry makes it clear that the two entities suffer from a lack of commonality. Since products (graduates) employed by private industry are not necessarily in alignment with what is being delivered by the educational sector, it is essential for this issue to be resolved. The institutions that are ready to embrace change can realize more stability and more revenue with a lower cost delivery, all while increasing academic performance and proficiency. Our solution helps raise academic standards and expectations so that students are trained to fill the STEM jobs of tomorrow and retrain America’s workforce. According to several recent studies, the U.S. is currently ranked 27th in the world in STEM education, which calls into question our long-term competiveness.

The partnerships created by HOL Consulting Services give institutions the ability to bridge the gap of education with the needs of private industry to calm the storm. This is not a one-size-fits-all solution, but rather a customized service designed to target the unique needs and strengths of each institution. Our services help institutions align with industry by creating a competitive advantage, and bring them into the discussion and make them part of the solution.